About Us

BBS (BBS (BEST BUSINESS SOLUTIONS) PTE. LTD.,) Pte. Ltd. was incorporated in Singapore to support small and medium enterprises in remaining competitive and maintaining growth in an increasingly dynamic business environment.

We also empower first generation entrepreneurs to preserve their wealth by creating personal capital. More specifically, we assist such individuals in developing a portfolio of assets that keeps their wealth safe, brings in regular income and is easy to transfer to descendants.

  • We believe in a situational approach – or in other words a pragmatic approach that acknowledges unique conditions and situations. As such, we offer solutions that are the best for given personal circumstances (country of actual residence, country of tax residence, period of time, available resources etc.);
  • We live and work in Singapore – a country that has been setting standards for business conduct and development for decades. The story of Singapore's economic leap from a former British colony to one of the world’s leading countries with no natural resources is proof that practical solutions can offset conditional constraints. Our vast knowledge and experience allows you to identify hidden resources and risks in order to achieve the best possible results.
  • Our experts are internationally recognised and have consulted on hundreds of projects.
  • Our experience and expertise make us efficient in finding solutions, no matter how complex the task is. Our goal is to make you a more successful entrepreneur – a task that we take great pride in.
  • And we keep learning to serve you even more efficiently in the future.