Business immigration to Singapore

There are few people who know that the program of business-immigration to Singapore is now the most affordable and the fastest in terms of review time.

Strictly speaking, this is a program to attract highly skilled professionals to Singapore, but its terms let entrepreneurs with higher education create and develop their own business.

You can move to Singapore based on Employment Pass. The applicant needs to have higher education, working experience and get a position with a salary of no less than SGD 3600 per month starting from January, 01, 2017 or no less than SGD 3300 per month before that date.

The future depends on your desire to develop the business in Singapore because the achievements of your business activity will be a decisive factor for Employment Pass renewal.

Employment Pass can be your first step towards obtaining Singaporean citizenship.

Immigration to Singapore will be fruitful for all members of your family:

  • adults will find themselves in a unique business environment that lets them focus on work and make brave decisions;
  • children will grow up in a multicultural society following the main principle of racial harmony (the acceptance of other religions and cultures and working together for the common good);
  • there are no drugs and a healthy life style is welcomed.

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