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Residential real estate

In an era of negative interest rates the answers to the following questions become crucial:
  • How do I keep capital?
  • How do I create capital that will protect my income from inflation?
  • How do I reduce the risks linked with an economic crisis?

The solution to these questions is:

“Create a portfolio of assets in various countries around the world”

Property is a priority to be included in a portfolio of assets. The main advantage of real estate is that it is a long-term saving asset. Diversification of real estate across countries substantially reduces currency risks and risks from investing in volatile markets. Purchasing rental real estate allows you to receive passive income at any age. Overseas property is key to a secure future, regardless of the state of economic development, as well as a way to generate earnings. Some countries also provide a program of second citizenship or residence permit when you purchase real estate. And you don't have to buy an entire lot, it’s enough to participate in the program of sharing investment when you have the right to a share of the revenues from property rental.

Our company can be useful for investors in foreign real estate, and those who already have the experience of purchasing villas, apartments and houses abroad.

Being supported by our experts you are able to:

  • define your personal target/reason to acquire foreign real estate;
  • understand what type of property is available based on your geographic preferences and budget;
  • analyse the structure of the existing portfolio and work out ways to improve financial results and the reliability of your investments.

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