How to use Singapore company

Due to its trusted reputation and highly developed legal, tax and judicial systems that facilitate an excellent environment for doing business, Singapore companies are suitable for use in all possible capacities, namely:

1. Main operating company.

Dealing with all your firms’ suppliers and customers from Singapore creates a high level of trust in your business.

Having the main operating company registered in Singapore is the best choice for businesses involved in global trading or in the provision of transportation services or logistic solutions.

2. Sales and marketing unit.

Sales and marketing units deal with the promotion of goods and services, whilst manufacturing and production can be sourced from other countries.

Many software developers, including developers of computer games and mobile applications, establish their sales and marketing units in Singapore to reach global audiences more effectively.

Manufacturers from developing countries also set up subsidiaries in Singapore to promote their goods to regional and global markets.

3. Research and development unit.

Singapore provides numerous incentives for companies engaged in the research and development of new products and technologies.

Therefore, many companies are set up in Singapore to take advantage of such incentives while conducting their research and development work.

4. Holder of intellectual property rights.

Considering it is a globally recognized center for the protection of intellectual property rights, Singapore provides excellent environment for holders of intellectual property.

5. Holding companies.

The following incentives made Singapore the best place for setting up holding companies:

  • 85 double tax treaties;
  • One-tier tax system (no withholding tax on distribution of dividends, exemption of dividends received from local sources);
  • Exemption of foreign dividends;
  • No capital gain tax;
  • No inheritance tax.

6. Startup projects.

Providing the best infrastructure for conducting business, Singapore is now a home for many early-stage projects, most notably in the fields of electronic commerce and financial technologies.

It is also one of the most desirable places for establishing a company geared towards the development of blockchain projects.

Please contact our specialists to find out what capacity of a Singapore company would most benefit you and your stakeholders.