Singapore companies advantages

A Singapore company is the best instrument for conducting international business in the 21st Century – an age whereby Singapore’s reputation is at record levels.

Resulting from more than 50 years of sustained economic development and the improvement of corporate, litigation and tax laws, Singapore companies are safe and reputable tools that can assist their owners in remaining competitive in an increasingly dynamic world.

By establishing a company in Singapore, owners can support their business with a maximised reputation stemming from the positive global perception of performing business in Singapore.

They can also open corporate bank accounts with Singapore banks for their Singapore companies. More specifically, owners can get access to the Singapore banking system – one of safest and strongest in the world.

When comparing Singapore companies with companies registered in other nations, business leaders tend to conclude that Singapore companies represent the best solution for conducting international business considering it exceeds other countries by one or more parameters, namely:

  • Business reputation;
  • Moderate taxation;
  • Value for money;
  • The simplicity of rules for business;
  • Ease of maintenance;
  • Access to infrastructure for doing business (also known as “substance”) and many others.

Become part of Singapore’s history of fantastic economic success - register a Singapore company for your business now!